Daniel Warren Johnson Launches ‘Do A Powerbomb’ At Image Comics This June

by Olly MacNamee

Writer and artist Daniel Warren Johnson (Murder Falcon, Wonder Woman: Dead Earth) has a new series coming from Image Comics. Do a Powerbomb is a seven issue miniseries set to launch this June from Image Comics.

“Do a Powerbomb follows Lona Steelrose who wants to be a pro wrestler, but lives in the shadow of her mother’s success before her. But everything changes when a wrestling-obsessed necromancer asks Lona to join the grandest—and the most dangerous—pro wrestling tournament of all time!”

Johnson spoke exclusively with IGN:

“Ever since I started writing and drawing comics, I’ve wanted to make stories that get me EXCITED. I mean, like, REALLY PUMPED UP. And it’s no different here with Do a Powerbomb, where I’ve tried to channel my passion and love for pro-wrestling into a 2D space, to try and share it with my readers as best I can, and maybe get them excited about it too. And honestly, what’s a better way to make something new than to combine two things I love so much? I hope you all join me on this ride. I’m so proud of it!” 

Do a Powerbomb #1 will be available on Wednesday, June 15th from Image Comics

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