eigoMANGA Releases Chapter Three Of The ‘Winter Ember’ Digital Comic Series

by Brendan M. Allen

EigoMANGA has announced Chapter 3 of Winter Ember as the third installment in their eight-part comic book series and graphic novel, dropping on March 14, 2022 from writer Kevin Grevious, line artist Chris Awayan, color artist Emmanuel Ordaz Torres, and letterer Justin Burich.

The Winter Ember comic book series is based on the Winter Ember video game, an immersive stealth action game developed by Sky Machine Studios and published by Blowfish Studios.

The game is set in a Victorian world that follows the adventures of Arthur Artorias, a faceless man in pursuit of answers and revenge. In Winter Ember Chapter 3, On Arthur’s latest mission, he comes across the term uttered by his victim: “Greater Heaven”. Arthur heard the same term on the night that changed his life forever. “Greater Heaven” is the motivation Arthur needs to redirect his goals in life.

The Winter Ember graphic novel is available to bookstores on April 25, 2022. Chapter 3 of the Winter Ember comic book series can be found on platforms such as Comic Distro and Kindle.

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