Mark Millar Teases The Return Of ‘Nemesis’, ‘Prodigy’, ‘The Magic Order Vol. 3’ And Much More

by Olly MacNamee

If you aren’t reading Mark Millar’s free newsletter, then you really are missing out. Particularly his most recent missive, dropping into subscribers’ mail boxes as I type these words.

Art from ‘Jupiter’s Requiem’ by Tommy Lee Edwards

In it he reveals big plans for the rest of the year, and beyond, including the return of both Nemesis – with an as-yet revealed big name artists (start the guessing now, folks) – and Prodigy, The Magic Order Vol. 3, as well as work having started on Volume 4 too. Oh, and the final five-issues of Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem. And all with art previews too. That’s quite the list of up and coming titles and feels like an expansion of the Millarworld comic book titles that I haven’t witnesses before now. That’s good news for Millar fans, and Netflix fans too, with work about to start on The Magic Order TV series and a live-action Supercrooks show too as well as the promise of a Prodigy film and American Jesus TV show:

“We’ve got two other shows we’re working on at the moment, more on which later, but the first coming your way will be American Jesus, shooting in Mexico courtesy of the Gout Brothers. On the film side, Prodigy will be first out of the gate, but the scripts for Sharkey The Bounty Hunter by Michael Bacall and James Vanderbilt plus Space Bandits by Stephanie Fulsom are also in the drawer. Starlight, I’m sure you know, has been written by the brilliant Attack The Block director Joe Cornish and he’s going to be directing too, over at 20th Century.” – Mark Millar

Art by Frank Quietly

But that’s not all. There’s also a sneak peek at art from Frank Quietly, Travis Charest, Karl Kerschl, and Olivier Coipel; all working on secret projects. Phew, that’s quite the line-up of titles and talent.

So, while I leave you with a smattering of some of the art on display, maybe get the full scoop by signing up to Mark’s newsletter here.

Art by Duke Ruan (The Magic Order Vol. 4)
Art by Travis Charest

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