‘Daredevil’ Reportedly Set To Be Born Again

by Erik Amaya

Daredevil may soon be born again.

Various sites, including IGN, are pointing to a notice in Production Weekly indicating the eventual return of the former Netflix program — presumably as part of Marvel Studios’ Disney+ pipline. The listing refers to a “Daredevil Reboot” as being in active development with studio boss Kevin Feige and Marvel’s Behind the Mask‘s Chris Gary as producers. The original series, staring Charlie Cox as Matt Murdoch, Elden Henson as his law firm partner Foggy Nelson, Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page, and (for the most part) Vincent D’Onofio as Wilson Fisk, charted a bloody course across Hell’s Kitchen for three season before the relationship between Disney and Netflix soured, leading to its cancellation and the end of the other Marvel-produced shows on the service.

The extant seasons of those programs all arrived on Disney+ this month and Cox admitted in recent interviews that he knows “some” of the ideas Marvel Studios has for the Man Without Fear. We’ve always assumed he would make an appearance on the upcoming She-Hulk series, but it is easy to see how such a guest star role (which we imagine will be more substantial than his Spider-Man: No Way Home scene) could turn into a proper return for Daredevil as a program onto itself.

Of course, it remains to be seen if Production Weekly is correct about their notice or what sort of changes Marvel Studios will make to Daredevil as it was originally aimed at a more mature audience. It was also produced by the now defunct Marvel Television, which had very different goals for the program.

One thing seems clear though: Marvel Studios wants to be in the Daredevil business. And if it can reach the same creative heights as the third season, we’ll be glad to see it return.

The Daredevil Reboot is clearly in the early stages, so don’t expect it on your Disney+ Marvel hub for some time.

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