Kickstarting Comics: Your Last Chance To Back Liam Sharp’s ‘Encore: Silver’ Art Book

by Olly MacNamee

They say the last few days of any Kickstarter are just as important as the opening few days. So today I’m bringing you a friendly reminder that Liam Sharp’s most recent Kickstarter is about to end. If you haven’t backed it, but are considering it, I’d be quick about it. Especially if like me you have already backed the first book, Encore: Gold.

The second of three art books, Encore: Silver, features some of Sharp’s thousands of pages and illustrations he’s done over 36+ years in the business in glorious black and white art.

Within these pages you will also find many examples of how Liam pays homage to the masters of the past, whilst also pushing boundaries and breaking new ground in the industry.

As ever there are a variety of pledges on offer with a copy of the book in hardback available for $45 plus postage. Then there’s others price points that offer more, such as original art and even pages from Sharp’s comic book work. You can check them all out here. The campaign ends on Tuesday March 22nd.

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