Advance Review: It’s Black Hammer vs. Black Hammer in ‘Black Hammer Reborn’ #10

by Tom Smithyman


The Black Hammer universe has gotten so big and complicated that it has now entered multiverse territory. And this series ranks up there with the best multiverse stories of all time – from Crisis on Infinite Earths to Spider-man: No Way Home.


Through his original Black Hammer series, its sequel and its many side titles, Jeff Lemire has created a rich universe full of memorable characters, from Abraham Slam to Madame Dragonfly to Colonel Weird. With the latest series, Black Hammer Reborn, he is now dealing with a multiverse of sorts.

The original Black Hammer character died before the original series open, and now his daughter Lucy has taken up the mantle. But when universes collide, nothing is as it seems. Lucy is confronted with a version of her father from another world – an evil version of the hero who will apparently stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

If that sounds like an overused comic plotline – look no further than Crisis on Infinite Earths, Spider-Man: No Way Home or the upcoming Flash movie – rest assured that Lemire knows what he’s doing. In the hands of a lesser writer, it would be a concern. Instead, with Lemire it feels like an homage to what has come before while still taking the reader somewhere new. That’s quite an accomplishment.

Artist Caitlin Yarsky’s deceptively simple style complements the writing and propels the narrative. Comics are a visual medium, and Yarsky’s drawing – enhanced by the eye-popping colors from Dave Stewart – nearly make Lemire’s words unnecessary.

The only drawback to the issue is part of what makes Black Hammer such a great series: its rich universe. It is getting increasingly more difficult to remember plotlines and characters. That task is made more difficult when similar characters from other universes are introduced. Still, going back an rereading previous issues is a small price to pay for the opportunity to see where this blockbuster story is headed

Black Hammer Reborn #10 will be available for purchase on March 23, 2022.


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