Preview: Life On Earth Hangs In The Balance In ‘Godzilla- Monsters And Protectors’ TPB

by Brendan M. Allen

IDW Publishing has revealed a preview of Godzilla: Monsters & Protectors – Rise Up! TPB, out tomorrow from writer Erik Burnham, line artist Dan Schoening, color artist Luis Antonio Delgado, and letterer Nathan Widick

‘When Godzilla becomes humanity’s judge, life on Earth will hang in the balance in this middle-grade graphic novel adventure!

When a coldly single-minded businessman uses an untested element to create clean energy for a profit, he inadvertently awakens the beast from the deep–Godzilla! Sensing the harm the new energy poses to the planet, Godzilla attacks the heart of the problem–humankind! It will be up to three intrepid middle-school students–with a little magic help from Infant Island–to show Godzilla that not all humans are bad… and that there is still hope for Planet Earth.’

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