Webcomic Weekly: ‘Griz Grobus’ And The Settlemas Miracle – New Sci-Fi From Simon Roy

by Richard Bruton

Webcomic Weekly – something magnificent in comics to put before you each week (and fair enough, the weekly part is a bit of a problem – but the something magnificent really isn’t). Anyway, this week, it’s something new from Simon Roy, Jess Pollard, and Sergey Nazarov, Griz Grobus.

Griz Grobus has been drawn over the last five years by Roy, with support from his Patrons on Patreon, and it’s setting itself up to be a big sci-fi thing, although right now we have just 2 episodes up online.

A distant planet, pretty desolate, isolated communities that appear to have lost their technology, and people suspicious of strangers. Very swiftly, we’re into the first part of the storyline, as a mysterious crystalline neuro-processor is discovered that fits perfectly with the town’s guardian and founder, Griz Grobus. But things are not all they seem here in the town – and the resurrected guardian is actually a generations-lost priest-bot, ‘Father Stanley.’ And from the off, things don’t seem quite right with ‘Father Stanley’.

As for what else we can expect from Griz Grobus, I can just point you towards the Webtoon synopsis of the series…

“On a distant planet, a prying scribe, an overly sentimental constable, and a mayor resurrect a sleepy town’s long-defunct priest-bot. But “Father Stanley” is not what he seems. Meanwhile, in another universe, a hungry wizard accidentally sends a war-god into the body of a chicken. Yannis, a conscientious objector and military cook, decides to capture “Azkon” and delay his unit’s bloody, impending siege.”

Like I say, only two episodes so far, the first of which I’ve previewed below, but it’s all looking and reading very, very well so far. One to bookmark and keep up with for sure!

Follow Simon Roy for updates on Twitter, support the work on Patreon, and of course, start reading Griz Grobus on Webtoons.

So, without further ado, the first few pages of part one of Griz Grobus


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