A Gamer’s Odyssey — ‘The Technopriests’ In Review

by Tito W. James


In The Technopreists Alejandro Jodorowsky and Zoran Janjetov deliver an epic worthy of Moses. While some aspects drag the overall story is epic.

I’ve been reading many graphic novels written by Alejandro Jodorowsky; my favorites being Knights of Heliopolis, The Metabarons, and The White Lama. So, it was only a matter of time before I read The Technopriests. The story is set within the same universe as The Incal and follows Albino, who goes on a cosmic journey worthy of the Old Testament to rid the galaxy of a technological plague.

Artist Zoran Janjetov (Before The Incal) adds a new flavor to the surrealist Sci-Fi saga and injects a more digital aesthetic into the story. This is appropriate because the journey of Albino takes place across multiple virtual realities. Fans of Jodorowsky’s previous work will get what they came for as Technopriests is filled with mad ideas, blasphemous art, and a paradoxical sense of optimism despite the abundant violence and cruelty.

Albino is one of the most complex and interesting characters within the Incal universe. His journey to spiritual enlightenment has some of the most mythological and mind-blowing moments within Jodorowsky’s literary canon. However, the story is divided between Albino’s quest and the misadventures of his odious and abusive family. Even when indulging in the author’s predilections for cultural taboos, I found myself tuning out during the sections not focused on Albino.

While The Technopriests has elements that many will find off-putting, it is an essential and rewarding saga to add to the bookshelf of any die-hard Jodo-verse fan.

The Technopriests is available now from Humanoids.

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