Next Up In The 2000 AD Apex Editions – The Glory Of Mick McMahon!

by Richard Bruton

First there was the Brian Bolland Apex Edition and now, coming out in October 2022, it’s another 2000 AD legend getting the Apex Edition treatment, Mick McMahon!

An artist of unquestionable skill, an artist’s artist, whose changing and evolving style is justifiably admired by generations of artists and equally beloved by fans, Mick McMahon’s stylish visions has been a highlight of 2000 AD from the beginning (well, Prog #2 at least) and most recently featured as cover artist in 2021’s Prog 2250 (he spoke about that here in 2000 AD’s Covered Uncovered series).

Perhaps the brilliance of McMahon comes most in the way his work continually evolves and transforms with time, something you’ll be able to see perfectly in the new book, capturing all the vibrancy of the early work and watching it shift and develop, the angularity that comes in, the look that looked like no-one else’s then and now.

And now there’s the ultimate collection of McMahon’s incredible 2000 AD artwork, the Mick McMahon Apex Edition, collecting high-resolution scans of his original art and presenting them at original size, just like the Brian Bolland Apex Edition published in 2021.

It’s available to pre-order from the 2000 AD web shop and will be released end of October 2022 as either standard hardcover edition or special slipcase edition, complete with a signed and numbered extra new page of artwork by McMahon.

Just like the Bolland Apex Edition, the Mick McMahon Apex Edition has been assembled, cajoled, and brought into existence by David Roach, artist and comics historian.

It looks like another stunning project, a perfect celebration of one of 2000 AD’s greatest artists, an artist we’ve celebrated only recently in an Art for Art’s Sake column.

Below… examples of the look of the (massive) book plus a few of the pieces of original art scanned into the book…


And finally… the latest piece of art by McMahon for 2000 AD, the cover art to 2021’s Prog 2250.

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