Nickelodeon To Bring ‘HexVet’ To Television

by Erik Amaya

Sam DaviesHexVet is getting the TV treatment.

Nickelodeon announced Thursday its plans to adapt the Boom! Studios graphic novel series into a preschool-aged animated series. Using a mixture of CG and 2D animation, the program will follow “unlikely best friends Nan and Clarion as they navigate life’s weird and wacky challenges, while apprenticing to be magical veterinarians for fantastical creatures.” The pair will “tackle medical maladies in beasts magical or mundane, find their familiars, and earn their wands and pointy hats — all while dodging covens of animal smugglers and dragons with heartburn.” The cable channel extended twenty-episode order to the program.

The series was developed by developed for television by The Rocketeer‘s Nicole Dubuc, who also serves as showrunner and executive producer with Frank Molieri co-executive producer and Kendall Michele Haney as story editor. Stephen Christy and Ross Richie are executive producers while Mette Norkjaer serves as co-producer.

“The vibrant world of HexVet gives our creative team an incredible opportunity to translate the enchantment of the series into products across multiple categories,” Pam Kaufman, President, Paramount Consumer Products said in a statement. “We strategically approach each new IP in a unique way and look forward to developing items that highlight the show’s core themes of magic, teamwork and compassion for animals, allowing kids to continue their adventures with Nan and Clarion.”

HexVet and its associated licensing opportunities are set to launch next year.

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