Table Top RPG ‘Dungeon Champs’ Launches On Kickstarter

by Brendan M. Allen

Matt Garbutt and Anton Kromoff (of Happy Hour/Comics & Cocktails/Grumpy Cullen fame) have launched Dungeon Champs on Kickstarter. 

Dungeon Champs is a fun and fast paced fantasy card game where 2-6 players will face off against each other, sending out creature cards to do battle. The stronger the creature, the better chance you have of winning the round, but don’t fret if you think your creature card isn’t up to the task, as type advantages and spell cards can give you the upper hand.

Play through the whole deck and the person with the most cards in their win pile becomes the Dungeon Champ and wins the game.

Skullmagic Gaming has been created by two guys who wanted to make some rad games. Although separated by a vast ocean, nothing will stop them from creating the type of games they like to play. UK based Matt works as a cartoonist in the animation industry, while Anton is a Gamemaster extraordinaire in the USA. Although gaming is in the name, they’re also working up some big ideas for comics and T.V shows.

Rewards kick in at the £15 level (around $20) for the base game, 72 cards, and a Hero booster deck. For £28 (around $37), you get two games. At the £60 ($80) level and above, you can help design hero cards for the game. Check out the campaign right here


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