Advance Review: Embracing The Visual Masterpiece Of `Step By Bloody Step’ #2

by Tom Smithyman


Following a fantastic premiere issue, Step By Bloody Step #2 continues the story of a young girl and her giant armored protector as they trek across an alien planet. What makes this story so personal is its lack of text, forcing the reader to focus on the amazing visuals.


Artist Matias Bergara accepted a challenging assignment in creating the visuals for Step By Bloody Step. Tell a layer story about an unnamed girl and her giant robotic companion as they trek across an alien world. All with no written descriptions, no dialog. Only a few alien glyphs even let the reader know when a secondary character is speaking. What precisely they are uttering is left up to the reader to interpret.

That interpretation, though, is what makes this series from Image Comics so memorable – even personal. Anyone reading the books is practically forced to create their own story around the actions. At one point the giant slaughters an army of aliens trying to kill the girl. Why are they going after her?

Without text, you don’t know. You can guess, but it’s nothing more than your speculation. But that’s what makes this such a personal tale. And it is greatly enhanced by Bergara’s visuals, which make the guessing game an enjoyable, sometimes an even easy, task.

The girl is growing up in this second issue and starting to challenge her armored protector. She experiences war. She shelters herself from the pouring rain with a giant mushroom-like plant. She is delighted when seeing a sandy beach for the first time.

Bergara depicts all of those moments – from sheer terror to absolute joy – perfectly. The wide-open splash pages and double-page spreads border on breathtaking. Bergara has truly created an alien world. To be honest, words would probably get in the way.

Which is not to say that underlying story isn’t important. While the reader lacks the details and more perspective, storyteller Si Spurrier has plotted out an intriguing tale. The next steps of this remarkable story can’t come fast enough.

Step By Blood Step #2 will be available for purchase on March 30, 2022.

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