Advance Review: Struggling with Daddy Issues in `Rogue Sun’ #2

by Tom Smithyman


New superhero Rogue Sun needs help in learning how to use his powers. The only problem is that his teacher is his dead father, whom the hero – along with just about everyone else in the story – despises. And you think you have family problems!


The title of the series could just as easily be called ‘Rogue Dad’.

Most superheroes idolize their fathers. Tony Stark is always trying to live up to his father Howard’s legacy. Bruce Wayne became Batman after his dad and mom were gunned down in the street. Thor’s and Wonder Woman’s fathers are literally gods. Rogue Sun takes a different turn on remembering dads. No one, from his children to his wives, seems to be all that fond of the late Marcus, AKA the original Rogue Sun. So when the dead dad showed up at the end of the premiere issue, conflict was sure to arise.

The second issue picks up with an epic fight between son Dylan, the new hero, and a half werewolf/half vampire. Guiding Dylan in his scrap with the baddie is Marcus, who is bonded to the stone that gives the bearer the power of Rogue Sun. While Marcus tries to give his son guidance in defeating the antagonist, Dylan spends as much time fighting with his father as he does beating up “Batdog.”

Writer Ryan Parrott wisely mixes family drama with plenty of action, while introducing a mystery around Marcus’ murder from the first issue. Each character is simple enough to understand at face value, yet layered enough to make the reader want to learn more about them. That means more daddy issues in the future.

Artist Abel, with assistance from Francesco Mortarino, gives us plenty to gawk at, from a cemetery battle to Dylan’s menacing of other students in high school. Each character has their own distinct look, which precisely conveys their personality even without Parrott’s dialogue.

While there is plenty of action and character development, Rogue Sun is a slow burn. Answers won’t likely be revealed for a while. Even the full extent of Rogue Sun’s powers remains unclear, though that sets up the drama of having Marcus guiding Dylan on his reluctant hero’s journey. We do learn why Marcus chose Dylan to take the Rogue Sun mantle, and his motivations are only somewhat noble. That leads to a temporary alliance between father and son, which is sure to give rise to even more conflict in the future.

Rogue Sun #2 will be available for purchase on March 30th, 2022 from Image Comics.

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