Archie Comics Announces “The Best Archie Comic Ever” #1 For June 2022

by Brendan M. Allen

Archie Comics is pulling out all the stops this June with a high-powered one-shot comic book, The Best Archie Comic Ever #1. An anthology by some of the comics industry’s best talents, the special issue throws Archie and friends into bold new adventures across multiple action genres. 

Leading the rip-roaring release is an explosive new superhero story by writer Fred Van Lente and artist Tim Seeley starring Archie’s fan-favorite superpowered alter ego Pureheart the Powerful, who first appeared in Life With Archie #42 in 1965.

“Archie Andrews contains multitudes,” Van Lente said, “and The Best Archie Comic Ever is like a prism with infinite sides, reflecting every endless possibility. Also, it was cool to do a Pureheart comic with my pal Tim Seeley! It is very funny and will make you laugh, it has exactly one (1) meme joke, enjoy.”

In a second tale reuniting the Savage Hearts creative team of writer Aubrey Sitterson and artist Jed Dougherty, an out-of-his-depth barbarian version of Jughead Jones wages reluctant war against a powerful wizard. And rounding out the issue is an espionage thriller starring super spy Betty Cooper and the world’s most dangerous woman, Veronica Lodge, written by Ruben Najera with art by Giorgia Sposito.

The Best Archie Comic Ever is part of a new wave of themed anthology one-shots from Archie featuring exciting stylistic interpretations of the iconic characters, published alongside titles with brand new stories drawn in the classic Archie style that’s been beloved by generations since the publisher’s debut in 1941. 

The comic releases June 15, 2022 in comic shops nationwide, and will boast a cover by Tim Seeley and colorist Matt Herms with an open-to-order variant cover by Tom Whalen.

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