Preview: Life’s A Pitch In Mad Cave Studios’ ‘World Class’

by Brendan M. Allen

Mad Cave Studios has revealed a preview of World Class, dropping on Wednesday from their new YA imprint Maverick. Featuring a script by Jay Sandlin, line art by Patrick Mulholland, color art by Rebecca Nalty, and letters by Justin BirchWorld Class is a story all about learning to live with anxieties and thrive outside of your comfort zone.

‘Life’s a pitch for teen football star, Adrian “Colombian Cannon” Molina. With his powerful shot, Adrian looks like a shoe-in for the European junior league. When a Regents United elite prep school scout offers him a full scholarship, the news seems too good to be true. Adrian’s celebration is short-lived thanks to his meeting with the team’s star, Titan Evans. 

Titan is everything Adrian is not; rich, powerful, and connected. Despite that, Titan sees the Colombian Cannon as a threat to his domination on the pitch. Hallway brawls and constant bullying from Titan and his cronies consume Adrian’s new life along with crippling anxiety thanks to the fear of losing his spot on the team.’

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