Advance Review: Monstrous Fun in `Something is Killing the Children’ #21

by Tom Smithyman


The great horror series is back and just as good as ever. This instant-classic series returns with a new location, a new hero/victim but the same ol’ monsters that can only be seen by kids. It’s definitely worthy of your time.


After taking a hiatus to tend to his umpteen other projects, James Tynion IV returns to his magnum opus in the new issue of Something is Killing the Children.

Instead of focusing on his fascinating character Erica Slaughter – the main subject for the first 20 issues, Tynion starts this new volume off with a different protagonist, Gabi. Like Erica, Gabi is a strong, no-nonsense young woman. And like Erica, you get the sense Gabi is about to be indoctrinated into the world of monster-hunting.

That’s because Gabi is subjected to unspeakable horrors when a monster visible only to children kills most of her family. The issue opens with a blood-stained Gabi staring off, yet oddly focused. Despite losing her mother, grandmother and sisters, Gabi remains defiant when questioned by the local law enforcement.

As always, Werther Dell’Edera’s visuals are compelling, yet never too gruesome – despite the gory subject matter. We only see glimpses of the monster, though what we do see is equal parts confusing and horrifying. Just like a good monster should be.

The setting has moved from the forests of the upper Midwest to the deserts of New Mexico. (Not coincidentally, the town where the monster has claimed several victims over the past few weeks is called Tribulation.) Colorist Miquel Muerto’s beiges and pastel palettes subtly enhance the storytelling.

A welcome cameo at the end will ensure that loyal readers of the story will come back for more. And that’s a very good thing. Something is Killing the Children is one top titles of the decade. Hopefully Tynion and Dell’Edera can keep the creative juices flowing as much as the blood so readers can enjoy even more stories with these great characters.

Something is Killing the Children #21 will be available for purchase on March 30, 2022.

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