Early Look: Former Superheroes Struggle To Pay Rent In ‘Mega Centurians’ #1

by Brendan M. Allen

Scout Comics has revealed an early look at Mega Centurians #1, scheduled to drop June 29, 2022 from writer Jon Parrish, line artist Dexter Wee, color artist Kote Carvajal, and letterer Cristian Docolomansky.

‘As the Mega Centurions, Cassidy, Reggie, and Thad saved the world from an alien invasion led by Prince Venkor. Unfortunately, things went downhill after that. They lost their powers and were unable to prove they were the Mega Centurions. Now, they work stressful jobs in the big city and struggle to pay the rent.

Things change once they meet the Grey Knight, an interstellar mercenary and former henchman for the prince. Grey warns of a second invasion and asks for their help in protecting the Earth. Can she be trusted and can they be heroes without powers?’

“This story was originally born from a joke about how the Power Rangers were able to do well in school when they were always teleporting off to fight Rita before morphing into something a little more grounded,” said Jon Parrish. “This book has been years in the making and I’m excited for people to finally be able to see it in full after so long. We’re pleased to be working with Scout and hope that people enjoy it.”

“I just want to say that I have been a fan of super sentai since I was a kid in the eighties as well as the mecha genre and it’s a dream come true to finally draw our own version of it,” added Dexter Wee. “It’s been a joy working on this book. And I hope the readers will like it.”

Can’t wait for the June release to get a taste? The ashcan preview is currently available for purchase for five bucks here

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