Ann Nocenti Reunites With Mojo, Longshot, And More Of Her Iconic Creations In ‘X-Men Legends’ #3

by Brendan M. Allen

It’s a lucky day to be an X-Men fan. Longtime X-Men editor and writer Ann Nocenti will return to the franchise this July in X-Men Legends, the series where X-Men’s most legendary creators tell all-new stories set during their classic runs. 

Featuring artwork by Javier Pina, X-Men Legends #3 will kick off a two-part saga that takes place directly after 1985’sLongshot, the influential limited series where Nocenti and artist Arthur Adams introduced readers to Longshot, Mojo, and Spiral. 

The story will shed new light on Longshot, filling in the gap between the fan-favorite hero’s mysterious original adventure and his tenure on the X-Men. And like all unforgettable trips to Mojoworld, fans can expect plenty of metacommentary, pop culture references, and unabashed mayhem—all from the mastermind behind it all.

Longshot’s adventure on Earth may be over, but before he can continue his mission, he’s pulled into Mojoworld for a multi-picture deal he simply can’t refuse. And when Wolverine and Shadowcat investigate the mysterious psionic disturbance, will they be able to escape the pull of Mojoworld before things SPIRAL out of control?

“It’s been a blast to play in the Mojoverse again,” Nocenti said. “The zany world of Longshot, created with Arthur Adams back when we were both just ‘kids,’ is now being drawn by spectacular artist Javier Pina, and let’s just say it is a joyful experience to watch Javier nail these characters perfectly. Along with editors Mark Basso and Drew Baumgartner, we’re jamming away in MOLLYWOOD, Mojo’s Movie studio, where Mojo, Spiral and Major Domo are making a genre mashup masterpiece as only Mojo can imagine, designed, of course, to mess with Longshot. The madcap crew has also gotten their hands on some X-MEN — Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, and her faithful dragon Lockheed, all dragged in to star in the film. The big question is — who will win the Mojo Award for Best Death?”

Don’t miss Ann Nocenti’s long-awaited return to Mojoworld when X-Men Legends #3 arrives in July.

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