Preview: The All-New ‘Monster Fun’ Launches This Week

by Richard Bruton

Monster Fun was one of Britain’s legendary kids’ humour comics, packed with all manner of monstrous japes and kooky characters to delight kids for years. Well, now it’s back, with a brand-new, bi-monthly Monster Fun comic launching from Rebellion on Wednesday April 6th!

Monster Fun #1 – cover by Neil Googe

You’ve already seen the Monster Fun Halloween Spooktacular back in 2021 to give you a flavour of what to expect, but now we finally get to see what the regular Monster Fun comic will be like – and we’ve got a nice little preview of what to expect right here for you.

Of course, the return of Monster Fun after more than 30 years is hugely important, not just because it’s Rebellion’s first regular kids comic since Judge Dredd: Lawman of the Future in 1995-1996 (and that was more for older kids and teens), but because it’s also the first new regular kids comic to appear since the Phoenix Comic in 2012. To get Rebellion putting their backing behind an all-new version of Monster Fun, publishing every two weeks, is a huge thing and one we should all be getting behind. After all, we all want kids to be reading more comics, right?

The all-new Monster Fun features a mix of old favourites familiar to those who loved Monster Fun and other classic Brit humour comics the first time round and completely brand new characters – all designed to thrill and delight a whole new generation of comic fans and readers!

Each issue, publishing every two months, will feature 32 pages of great comic strips, some you’ll have already seen begin in the Halloween Spooktacular, some new to this brand-new Monster Fun, featuring the likes of Frankie Stein, Hire A Horror, Steel Commando, Martha’s Monster Make-Up, Kid Kong, and so many more. Creators include Alec Worley, Cavan Scott, John Lucas, Ned Hartley, Dan Boultwood, Juni Ba, Matt Baxter, Abigail Bulmer, Chris Garbutt and more!

It will also feature the continuing exploits of The Leopard from Lime Street, as you’ll have already seen from the Halloween Spooktacular, written by Simon Furman and drawn by Laurent LeFeuvre.

The Leopard from Lime Street – by Simon Furman and Laurent LeFeuvre

The first issue of Monster Fun is out this very week – Wednesday 6th April 2022. You can subscribe online at

It all kicks off with a suitably Easter theme and will publish bi-monthly, every two months, after that with each issue themed around those all-important moments in kids’ lives – Summer Holidays (YAY!), Back to School (BOO!), and, of course, Halloween (SPOOKY BOO! – but in a good way!)

Kid Kong by Alec Worley and Karl Dixon

“We’re thrilled to be launching Monster Fun this April – and now is absolutely the right time to do it! The last few years have been really tough for everyone, but especially children who have had to leave the classroom, not mix with friends, and for the younger ones not really understanding why.

Monster Fun is here to hopefully mark the end to that. Perfect to pack in a school bag and share with a friend in the playground, we’re hoping Monster Fun spreads some joy, some laughter, and puts a smile on every reader’s face!” – Monster Fun Editor Keith Richardson.

Our talented team have created a comic that’s just right for children aged 8-13; filled with the characters they’ll love! This includes new characters, as well as classic ones from the past reinvented for today’s young readers. Some parents will have been fans of these characters many years ago, so it’s exciting that families can share their nostalgia and these reinvented characters alongside the new ones, in completely new stories that they can read and love together. Reading should be fun for all, and comics help build and improve reading skills.” – Rebellion CEO and Publisher Jason Kingsley OBE

Steel Commando by Ned Hartley and Dan Boultwood

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