Getting To Know Adira: Reviewing `Star Trek: Discovery – Adventures In The 23rd Century’ #2

by Tom Smithyman


Star Trek has always created some of the best character in science fiction. While today’s streamlined streaming seasons can cut character development short, this series makes up for it by giving the backstory on some fascinating characters.


One of the unfortunate side effects of abbreviated television seasons brought on by streaming services is that, in ensemble shows, not all characters get their due. Whereas Star Trek series like The Next Generation or Deep Space Nine once had 20-plus episodes a season to explore the dramatis personae, today’s 10-ish installments each season mean some characters are never fully fleshed out.

The IDW series Star Trek: Discovery – Adventures in the 23rd Century sets out to boldly adjust for that flaw, this time focusing on Adira, the franchise’s first non-binary human member of the crew. While Adira has made their impact felt on the last two seasons of Discovery, viewers have only heard – not seen – the journey this unique character has taken. Luckily, the second installment of this series now shows their journey from earth in a generation ship that left Earth after the Burn, which essentially rendered all warp travel unfeasible.

Writer Mike Johnson deftly weaves a tale of Adira and their trill lover Gray as they adjust to life on the slow-moving ship, before Adira is found by Discovery. We also see how Gray came to inherit his symbiote Tal. These are critical details to help streaming viewers truly understand who these characters are. It’s a shame that the series hasn’t spent this kind of time developing the properties it has created.

Artist Angel Hernandez does a good job of creating new ships and settings, while also depicting familiar environments like Discovery’s bridge and several of its characters.

While this series is generally light on action, it makes up for it in giving readers the backgrounds on some of their favorite characters who are often overlooked as the writers focus on the core bridge crew. Like Adira and Gray, it’s a welcome addition to the Star Trek family.

Star Trek: Discovery – Adventures in the 23rd Century is currently available for purchase at your local shop.

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