Review: ‘Moon Knight’ S01 Ep.2 ‘Summon The Suit’

by Olly MacNamee

(+++ WARNING: This review contains spoilers for the latest episode of Moon Knight +++)

After the briefest and most tantalising appearance of Moon Knight in last week’s debut issue the second episode returns to where we started with a confused Steven Grant (Oscar Isaacs) chained to his bed. Following this we get more confusion on Steven’s part as he returns to the scene of the crime only to find that the museum’s security team don’t see what he saw the night before and fire him. And so after just one episode I’m getting bored of this already. It’s not the first time I’ve felt cheated by Marvel’s TV offerings. Is this going to be another two hour film script drawn out over eight episodes like Hawkeye was? I do hope not, but all signs are pointing to that direction.

Steven stumbles upon a lock-up that has been used by Marc Spector. Met with confusion from Steven. We get the return of Layla (May Calamawy) – the voice on the phone – revealed to be his wife. Cue more confusion from Steven. And we get more appearances of the Egyptian moon god, Konshu (F. Murray Abraham). Oh, and the return of cult leader, Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke). The friendly fascist who promises a utopian, albeit vegan, existence, who has already proven to be a few raisins short of a fruit cake in the debut issue. And, it is revealed, a past avatar of Konshu. Konshu, who stands by on the side lines encouraging Steven to kill Arthur.  And at the centre of this most slender of storylines is the ancient amulet, whisked off by Layla from right under Steven’s nose. 

But finally, and after a good half our and change, we get Moon Knight. Or rather the suited and booted Moon Knight as designed by Declan Shalvey. Cue… you guessed it, more confusion. Especially as the jackal-like monster attacking Steven – who now possesses Moon Knight’s strength, but not Marc Spector’s conscience – is invisible. 

And then, finally, we get the cape and cowl Moon Knight with Spector in the driving seat. But, by this point, I must admit my interest had started waning. Especially as, once again, Moon Knight doesn’t stick around for any length of time. At this rate this may has well be called the Steven Grant Show, but I guess that wouldn’t sell those all-important Disney+ subscriptions now would it?

Still, we get the promise of a flashback episode next week that should fill in some of the gaps. Or, be more padding. We shall have to wait and see.

Moon Knight is streaming now on Disney+ with new episodes out Wednesday.

You can read my review of the first episode here.

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