‘The Beano’ Nailed The Ridiculousness Of NFT: It’s Basically “Farts In A Jar”

by Richard Bruton

Missed this last week, but it’s still worth pointing out for those of us bewildered by the concept of NFTs. Andy Fanton and David Sutherland have the simply explanation by way of a fart comparison in the Beano’s Bash Street Kids

Yes. Farts.

The Bash Street Kids by Andy Fanton and David Sutherland sees your usual silliness and brilliance with them taking NFTs to task perfectly with ‘Niffy Fart Trading – farts 50p each’.

Andy Fanton introduces us to it…

And here’s the bit from The Bash Street Kids:

And then, just in the last couple of days, we get the UK government rolling out their latest dumb idea – government NFTs, prompting Fanton to post this…

Oh yes, this is exactly what we’re talking about on so many levels… the idiocy of NFTs, the ridiculousness of the British government, and most importantly the fact that kids comics like the Beano are full of incredibly clever people and ideas that absolutely make our kids so much smarter and engaged with the world!

Go look and subscribe to The Beano – more real-world information than any tech news site and loads of fun too!


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