Laura Kosann To Adapt Mercy Sparx For MGM

by Erik Amaya

Writer Laura Kosann is taking point on MGM’s Mercy Sparx adaptation.

Deadline reports the writer will adapt the comic book by Josh Blaylock and Matt Merhoff, published by Devil’s Due, which tells the story of female demon Mercy Sparx. Sent to Earth on Hell’s behalf for a secret mission, she must complete her task while hiding among humanity. But her time on Earth leaves Mercy with an existential crisis as she begins to see the gray area between good and evil.

Writer Nick Shafir was previously set to adapt adapting the series with a script said to be something like Constantine with an irreverent tone. It is unclear how Kosann’s take will differ. Jack Heller of Assemble Media remains as producer alongside The Picture Company partners Alex Heineman and Andrew Rona. Baylock will serve as an executive producer, as will Scott Veltri.

But as the change in writers indicates, it is unclear how quickly Mercy Sparx will go into production. Presumably, assembling key production staff is a priority. Of course, with Amazon now MGM’s owner, it will be interesting to see how this project continues to develop.

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