More Judge Dredd Figures Unveiled From 2000 AD And Hiya Toys: Judge Anderson And Fearsome Klegg!

by Richard Bruton

The line of 2000 AD and Dreddworld figures keeps growing with the announcement of, at last, everyone’s favourite psychic future cop, Judge Cassandra Anderson, and one of the classic Dreddworld villains, the vicious alien mercenaries who like to be paid in meat – a Klegg Warrior!

Rebellion and Hiya Toys are building up a fine selection of Dreddworld figures now in their range of 1:18 PVC figures, including the previously announced Judge Dredd and the terrifying Dark Judges.

Judge Cass Anderson’s long history in Mega-City One has brought her up against the very worst villains the world can throw at her, all dispatched with her irreverent wit and sarcasm! She was co-created all the way back in Prog 150 in 1980 by writer John Wagner and artist Brian Bolland and played on the screen in the 2012 Dredd by actor Olivia Thirlby.

As for the Kleggs, with the notable exception of the wonderful Sensitive Klegg, they’re a fearsome race of alien mercenaries first brought to Earth by the murderous tyrant Chief Judge Cal. The brutal Klegg fight for the joy of killing and take payment for their services in flesh. Created by John Wagner and Brian Bolland in 1978, they were used by Cal to maintain his despotic control of Mega-City One but were sent packing by Judge Dredd.

Both of these new figures are set to be released in the fourth quarter of 2022, with the usual articulations and accessories – Anderson coming with her Lawgiver gun and ‘Daystick’ billy club, and the Klegg coming with a long blaster rifle.

As for the previously announced figures, thanks to that there Pandemic and all the international shipping issues, the Judge Dredd and Judge Death 1:18 figures are now due to ship Q2 2022, Judge Mortis will ship in Q3 and Dredd’s iconic motorbike, the Lawmaster, will be available as a set to order from Q2 2022 and hit shelves in Q4 2022.

The 1:18 line will be followed by a 1:12 (six-inch) line with Judge Dredd (available to order from Q2 2022), Judge Death (available to order from Q3 2022), Judge Fear (available to order from Q3 2022) and Judge Mortis (available to order from Q4 2022).


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