‘Kingdom Hearts IV’ Headlines Multiple ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Announcements For The Series 20th Anniversary

by Sage Ashford

If anyone had asked fans a month ago what was was next for the Kingdom Hearts series, they probably would’ve guessed another spin-off title with a ridiculous name. But Square-Enix decided it was actually time to reveal the next chapter in the main Kingdom Hearts franchise at their Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary stream — Kingdom Hearts IV.

This new title sees Sora awakening in the world of Quadratum, a more realistic world than any in the Kingdom Hearts universe, beginning what Square-Enix is calling the “Lost Master Arc”. This new world was first introduced in Kingdom Hearts III, and was meant to be the main setting of the Verum Rex game  — a clear reference to the original Final Fantasy Versus XIII that was in development by Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura before it was transformed into Final Fantasy XV.

But this game wasn’t the only one announced during the 20th anniversary stream. They also announced a new mobile title for Android and iOS known as Kingdom Hearts Missing Link, where players will experience a new story in the battles against the Heartless. Kingdom Hearts Missing Link will receive a closed beta test later in 2022.

Lastly, the last chapter of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will release in August as a free update.

Currently, Kingdom Hearts IV has no announced platforms or release date. All that’s known is the game was being developed in Unreal Engine 4, but they’ve decided to transition over to Unreal Engine 5, joining a small group of games aiming to try out Epic’s next-generation engine.

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