Image Comics And Anonymous Content Announce Audio Book ‘Impact Winter’ Comic Book Prequel

by Olly MacNamee

Image/Skybound, in partnership with Anonymous Content, have announced a comic book prequel to the #1 Fiction Audible Original series with an Impact Winter one-shot. Written by Impact Winter creator Travis Beacham (Pacific Rim, Carnival Row), with art by Stephen Green (Hellboy and the BPRD), colours by Matt Hollingsworth (Batman: White Knight, Little Bird), and lettering by AndWorld Design. it comes out on Wednesday 6th July.

“In the British countryside, a band of survivors has formed a resistance in the fallout shelter of a medieval castle. Among them is Darcy, a young, headstrong fighter waiting for her chance to prove she can be on the front lines. But when that opportunity comes, Darcy will come face to face with the true horrors of this new world.”

This 40-page special takes place several years prior to the events in the audio series and one year since a comet hit Earth. The event that inflicted the “impact winter” on the Earth and blotting out the sun resulting in the rise of a vampire takeover. Not only will this one-shot feature familiar characters but will also introduce a new and important character too.

Here’s what Amanda LaFranco, Editor at Skybound had to say:

“We are so excited to be expanding the epic world of Impact Winter into comic books, and working on this prequel with both Travis and Stephen has been a fantastic experience. If you’re new to the world of Impact Winter, Darcy’s journey will pull you in and make you want to stick around for more. And if you’re already a fan, this story will shine a light on details that have been brewing since Episode One. It’s a story you do not want to miss!”

Stephen Green added:

“I’m honored and excited to work on such a great script with an excellent team. Nothing is cooler than vampires.”

Beacham added:

“For me, the fun thing about Impact Winter is that it can be so many things all at once—fantasy, folklore, gothic horror, post-apocalyptic drama. It’s a huge sandbox, with lots of shadowy corners to explore. This story is really just the beginning.”


For those unfamiliar with Impact Winter the audio drama from Audible, Skybound Entertainment, and Anonymous Content debuted this February as the #1 Audible Plus bestseller across categories and the #1 Audible fiction bestseller in its week of launch. A coming-of-age romance/horror that includes original music, sound design that elevates this project beyond simple an audio book. And available now on all major podcast provider platforms.

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