Marvel Announces Bonus Release Of ‘X Lives Of Wolverine’ And ‘X Deaths Of Wolverine’

by Brendan M. Allen

Today, Marvel Unlimited revealed a special bonus release of X Lives Of Wolverine and X Deaths Of Wolverine is now available in the app. Fans can now read the 10-part event across Wolverine’s history and future yet to come.

In the pair of interlocking series, writer Benjamin Percy and artists Joshua Cassara, Federico Vicentini, and Adam Kubert will journey across Wolverine’s history and future to deliver a transformative epic packed with revelations and exciting developments not just for Logan but for all of mutantkind. 

To prevent a tragedy, Wolverine must travel to various points in time to prevent the death of a key figure in mutant history—Professor Charles Xavier. But that is only the beginning… because for every life, there is a death. Fan-favorite eras, and the unwritten future, are explored anew in this time-shredding saga.

And if readers want even more Wolverine, they can check out the 10-part Life of Wolverine Infinity Comic. In the series, fans can explore the history of Wolverine in chronological order.


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