Sophie Powers Releases Remixed Version Of ‘U Love It’

by Brendan M. Allen

Today, Sophie Powers shared a remixed version of her latest single U Love It featuring rapper $atori Zoom, remixed by Danny L Harle. “Danny, being the genre-bending producer he is, brought so much to the table for this remix!!” shares Sophie on the remix. “It contains elements of hyperpop, EDM, dance, and even house. It’s super experimental but also extremely pop-driven and catchy. I will be jamming to this out with friends or at home alone. Thank you Danny!”

The song title ‘U Love It’ alludes to the feminine power that the song itself carries. My intentions while writing this song were to prove that you can feel pretty and desirable while feeling dominant and powerful. Even with all of the amazing change happening right now, it still feels like there’s a lot of stigma surrounding the idea that to feel ‘feminine’ you cannot be strong and independent-minded.”

Listen to the original version of “U Love It” ft. $atori Zoom here.

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