Art For Art’s Sake # 150: The Weird And Wonderful Art Of ‘Doom Patrol’

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake – our celebration of all things comic art… sometimes a complete mix of things, other times featuring an artist or theme… always incredible artwork! And today, just because… it’s Doom Patrol time…

Now, my great love for the Doom Patrol comes from the Grant Morrison and Richard Case run on the title back in 1989. Still one of my favourite of Morrison’s comics of all time, packed with invention and weirdness, just as it should be!

Created in 1963 by Bob Haney, Arnold Drake, and Bruno Premiani, the ‘World’s Weirdest Superteam’ had gone from strange and wonderful to uninspired and bland thanks to a series of writers who just didn’t get them. And then along came Morrison to put all the weird back. Of course, they didn’t do it alone. Throughout Morrison’s run there are many wonderful guest artists, but it’s series regular Richard Case who should get all the acclaim. He deals with everything Morrison throws at him, he does terrifying, surreal, spectacular, moody, joyous, bizarre and anything else called for.

So, let’s begin with some of that wonderful Richard Case art…


Of course, during that run, it wasn’t just Richard Case either… it had some some spectacular cover and fill-in artists…

Simon Bisley

Shaky Kane

Gavin Wilson

Sean Phillips

Steve Yeowell

Jamie Hewlett

Rian Hughes

Duncan Fegredo

Paul Grist

Brian Bolland

Next up… it’s funny the things you stumble across on the Internet sometimes, like this Doom Patrol comic from Benito Cerano and Kyle Stacks from 2014. I have no idea how I found it, all I know is that it’s been sitting in the ridiculous amount of open tabs for a while.

“Some time last year, Kyle Starks (robotmountain) and I had a bet, the stakes of which were that if I won, he would draw a Doom Patrol comic, and if I lost, I would write a story of his choosing.

Long story short, we both kind of won and lost, so the compromise is that I would write a Doom Patrol comic that he drew.”

And it’s a great little Doom Patrol comic as well, tapping right into the vibe of the Morrison/Case run…

And of course, more recently we had the Gerard Way and Nick Derington run for DC and Young Animal, again tapping into that Morrison and Case vibe but managing to do their own thing as well…

So, a little from Nick Derington now…



Now, some more Doom Patrol art…

Bob Brown

Babs Tarr

Farel Dalrymple

Mike Allred

Steve Lightle

Ramona Fradon & Kevin Nowlan

John Byrne

Joe Staton

Steve Orlando

Jaime Hernandez

Richard Sala

Mike Hawthorne

Tom Grummett

Chris Samnee

Mike Mignola

Kevin Nowlan

Gene Gonzales





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