Allan Quatermain And Captain Gullivar Jones Join Dynamite’s ‘Savage Tales’ In July

by Erik Amaya

Savage Tales returns this summer as a one-shot with adventures featuring Vampirella, Red Sonja, Allan Quatermain and Captain Gullivar Jones.

Dynamite announced on Tuesday that the new series will feature writer David Avallone with artists Mariano Benitez Chapo, Al Barrionuevo, Will Rio, and Kubie Hamish Cook lending their talents to each of the four characters in four distinct tales. Vampi’s story, “Horrible People Doing Horrible Things To Horrible People” is described as a “Warren era styled” morality play. Sonja’s “The Executioner’s Sword” sees the She-Devil dealing with a horrific mix of magic and swordcraft. Quatermain faces the “Missionaries of Madness” and a Cthulhu-worshiping cult with just his wits and his rifle. Finally, “His War” finds Jones ten years after his adventure on Mars, but facing a new, darker conflict that may just lead to his redemption.

Covers for the issue include work from Arthur Suydam, Rafael Kayanan, and Liam Sharp.

Savage Tales #1 is slated for release in July.

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