Review: A Terrifying Twist Is Revealed In ‘Night Of The Ghoul’ #6 By Snyder And Francavilla

by Olly MacNamee


‘Night of the Ghoul’ #6 delivers a suitably terrifying and pacey conclusion to this macabre miniseries from Scott Snyder and Francesco Francavilla


Night of the Ghoul #6 is where art meets reality as Merrit, somewhat forcibly, has Forest take him back to the studios where it all began to watch the cursed film. But by now, Forest has reservations. After all, as he points out, there’s a corpse in his car and his son is desperately trying to contact him to no avail. Forest is at the mercy of Merrit who shows him a film he wasn’t expecting to see as we once more cut between the presents and the past, as represented in sepia, burnt and frayed film, illustrated by Francesco Francavilla. A film filled with horrors and a twist in this particular tale of terror. 

Scott Snyder’s pacing and his carefully considered cutting back and forth between Merrit and Forest, Orson and his mother, helps build the tension, while Francavilla’s ghoulish artwork, soaked in darkness and a minimal colour scheme helps sustain that terror, horror and tone of terror of this final issue. The skillful avoidance of too much dialogue also helps immensely in raising the tension as the action grows in drama and intensity to a crescendo.

Of course, all good horror stories often rely on a twist, and while this one may not necessarily be a startling surprise for many – based on misdirection, as many are – it’s in the telling that the true power of this comic book lies. After all, it’s nigh on impossible to come up with an absolutely original twist after all this time. But, in a recontextualisation of this particular misdirection, I for one was caught out. What’s more, in this particular twist Snyder introduces an idea that can be returned to in future series Snyder choses to set in this particularly gothic and gloomy universe.

The pacing, the artwork, especially understanding when to go big with the art and when to hold back, all adds up to an enjoyable and suitably terrifying ending to this series. A dash of old-school horror produced for a new school audience. 

Night of the Ghoul #6 is out now on comiXology

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