The Perfect Romance — Another Look At Image’s Upcoming Re-Release of ‘Paris’ By Andi Watson & Simon Gane

by Richard Bruton

First published way back in 2005 and 2006, Andi Watson and Simon Gane‘s wonderful love story, Paris, gets a much needed new and expanded edition from Image Comics this May…

I loved this when it was first released and I’ve just had the real pleasure of re-reading it in this new edition. And it’s still every bit and gorgeous and wonderful as I remember it.

Written by Watson and drawn by the incredibly talented Gane, Paris is a beautiful love story set in the world’s most romantic city, where they spin a tale of love, art, and finding out what both of those things truly mean.

The new, expanded edition features a complete remastering of the artwork and a series of extra pages from Gane, bringing us more and more of his gorgeously expressive artwork.

As the Image PR says… ‘Paris follows Juliet, a penniless American art student, who travels to the City of Light to study painting. To pay her way, she paints portraits of wealthy debutantes. One of her subjects is Deborah, a young English woman suffocated by the narrow expectations of her aristocratic family. Juliet is equally confined by the rigid academic structure of her art education and finds an unlikely kindred spirit in Deborah. Juliet and Deborah’s love for art brings them together, even as their friends and family try to drive them apart.’

And it’s all that and so much more. Watson and Gane work in perfect synergy to bring us a gorgeous, heartfelt love story, one that just feels so wonderfully real.

The only real problem with this one? Well, Image missed a trick by not releasing this one for Valentine’s Day, as it would be a beautiful love story for the day of romance, all set in the city of romance.

I can’t wait to share this fairy tale romance with readers. Working with Simon was a career highlight for me and the collaboration was a dream come true. He didn’t just knock this one out of the park, he hit it over the top of the Louvre, The Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower.
— Andi Watson.


Paris has always been close to my heart. Thank you Andi and Image for giving me the opportunity to revisit it. I hope the new artwork shows I had a ball. Again!
— Simon Gane

Seriously, this is one of those books I adored when it first came out and now, with this new, expanded edition, I get to tell you how wonderful it is all over again. Beautiful, stunning, wonderful stuff.

Paris, by Andi Watson and Simon Gane is released by Image Comics on 31 May 2022.

So, here’s just some of what you can expect from the new expanded edition … Gane’s extra, introductory pages … just gorgeous…


And now a preview of the first part of the story…

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