House Of X: Previewing This Week’s X-Men Titles

by Olly MacNamee

This week we have previews for Sabretooth #2 and the newest X-Men title, Knights of X #1, both out this Wednesday 27th April from Marvel.

Sabretooth #2

Written by: Victor LaValle
Art by: Leonard Kirk, Rain Beredo

“THE GREAT ESCAPE! Sabretooth and the other exiled mutants have stopped fighting each other long enough to start working together. They might not like one another, but they all want out of the Pit. You’d think their biggest obstacle would be the Professor or Magneto…but no. The greatest obstacle will be one of their own.”

Cover by: Ryan Stegman

Knights of X #1

Written by: Tini Howard
Art by: Bob Quinn, Erick Arciniega

“THE QUEST BEGINS HERE, WHERE MUTANTS ARE HATED AND FEARED ONCE AGAIN! The gates to Otherworld are closed—and Captain Britain is trapped on the wrong side! Usurpers Merlyn and his right-hand man, King Arthur, are now in control of Lunatic Citadel. Furies the size of Sentinels raze villages to the ground in their hunt for the “witchbreed.” Cutoff from Krakoa, Betsy Braddock is Otherworld’s only hero—and to save her people, Betsy must recruit a round table of her own. The Knights of X gather to restore the rightful order and rescue desperate mutants—but their quest is about to get so much bigger than that. This is the era of destiny…and the fate of Otherworld lies at the center of mutantkind’s future. Don’t miss this essential piece of the new Krakoa!”

Cover by: Yanick Paquette, Alejandro Sánchez

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