Advance Review: Terror Reigns In `Something Is Killing The Children’ #22

by Tom Smithyman


While much of this issue is devoted to character development, it opens up with some of the goriest pages ever to grace an issue of Something is Killing the Children. Hopefully it’s a teaser for some dynamic action to come in future installments.


After nearly two dozen issues and a spin-off series, you wouldn’t think that the Something is Killing the Children series would know how to terrorize us any more. After all, we’ve witnessed monsters rip through small towns, leaving trails of destruction and of the bodies of the young and old.

But writer James Tynion and artist Werther Dell’Edera’s most horrifying creations may be some of the humans who inhabit this world. Though human is hardly the proper term for a creature possible of the devastation illustrated in the first few pages of this new issue. Human bodies with their eyes pinned open. Chunks missing from their torsos. Intestines hanging out of bodies. It’s not exactly a G-rated Disney adventure.

In this issue, Tynion introduces us to a new antagonist – a rival monster killer from the House of Cutter. This unnamed woman apparently takes as much delight in finishing off humans as she does the monsters that can only be seen by children. This Cutter is sent to America to eliminate heroine Erica Slaughter, who has gone rogue from her own house.

Erica spends much of the rest of the issue arguing with Gabriella Lopez, whose family was killed by a monster in the previous issue. Unfortunately, we don’t get much closer to solving that mystery, as Tynion focused on character development. That may make this a less than compelling issue right now, but it will hopefully pay off in future installments.

Still there is blood and guts aplenty in SIKTC #22, and the series is only more compelling for the gore. After all, Erica has spent the first 20-odd issues cutting up monsters for our delight, and we’re better off for it for getting a glimpse into the House of Slaughter.

Something is Killing the Children #22 will be available for purchase on April 27, 2022.

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