BOOM! Studios Celebrates 25 Issues Of Bestselling Series ‘Something Is Killing The Children’ This July

by Brendan M. Allen

BOOM! Studios has announced the oversized special issue Something Is Killing The Children #25 from James Tynion IV, artist Werther Dell’Edera, colorist Miquel Muerto, and letterer AndWorld Design. Celebrate 25 blood-stained issues with the milestone oversized special this July 2022. 

‘With over two million copies of the series sold to date, the first arc of Erica’s mission in Tribulation reaches its shocking conclusion in this milestone anniversary issue that no Something is Killing the Children fan will want to miss! While Erica’s blades are occupied with an entity unlike anything she’s faced, she receives a phone call… with tragedy on the other end of the line. As things look dire, someone Erica once saved may have to find unexpected help to return the favor…’

“We’re very proud of the world we’ve built, the stories we’ve told, and the people who have joined us to expand the universe of Erica Slaughter and the secret society of monster hunters who raised her,” said Tynion IV. “It’s a wonderful experience being able to tell the stories that we have, and we’ve gone so much further into this world than we ever imagined. But there’s even more story to tell and secrets to reveal, so get ready for the most unexpected monsters and thrills in issue #25 and onward.”

“25! This is the longest run I’ve ever worked on,” said Dell’Edera. “After 25 issues, I can safely say I’m ready to do three times as many.”

“The support for Something is Killing the Children from fans, readers, and retailers continues to be unprecedented and awe-inspiring,” said Eric Harburn, Executive Editor, BOOM! Studios.  “It’s been an amazing journey so far with James, Werther, Miquel, and AndWorld. Here’s to the next twenty-five action-packed, horror-filled, and utterly captivating issues of Erica and the ever-growing Slaughterverse.”

Fans will also be able to celebrate Something is Killing the Children’s 25th Milestone with the Something Is Killing The Children Black Mask bandana and the Something Is Killing The Children custom short boxes covered in striking art by series artist Dell’Edera, available in stores July 2022. 

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