‘Femme Fatale’ And ‘Tales Of The Bizarre’ Live Now On Kickstarter

by Brendan M. Allen

Dren Productions launched their newest comics Kickstarter campaign on April 19th, 2022. 

Femme Fatale features 11 stories about “dangerous women” in all eras and walks of life. Spies and maidens, assassins and supervillainesses… If there is a woman out there looking to kill, this is where to find them. 

Tales of the Bizarre features an additional 13 stories, featuring some outrageous B-Movie style horror and sci-fi action. With stories about killer dolphin men and piranha women, sentient robots, and alien bikinis, this collection of stories is sure to entertain. 

Backer rewards kick in at the $15 level for a digital copy of one of the books. Both PDFs, or a hard copy of one of the books can be had for $25. Various mix and match bundles of physical and digital copies are available at higher pledge tiers, and several stretch goals have already been unlocked, including pins, bookmarks, foil covers, and stickers.

Check out the campaign right here.

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