‘Golden Bros’ Early Access Launch And Presale Events

by Gary Catig

Back in February, Netmarble announced their casual shooter Golden Bros. Now the mobile game has been released for early access. You can also find it on PC via custom CUBE game launcher from the official website.

There are a number of presale events that prospective players can take part in. First is the on-going Binance Presale that provides 10,000 each of GB Master Kung Mystery Box and GB Braine Newey Mystery Box. Those who purchase this item can win a GB Golden luxury mystery box when verified on discord from now until May 2. In addition, there is the CUBE Presale that offers 50,000 NFTs of an all-new, never-before-seen premium costume through the CUBE Market and game’s website.

Those who take part in the presale have the opportunity to win a Mystery Box through Mystery Box Giveaway Events. From now until May 6, the Early Access Airdrop Event gives eligible players the chance to win a GB Golden luxury mystery box and GB Golden premium mystery box. To take part, you need to retweet the presale, have three of your friends post the content and provide proof on Discord. From now until Saturday April 30th, the ‘Sugar Sugar’ Mystery Box Purchase Authentication Event gives the opportunity to win a GB Golden luxury mystery box upon authentication on Discord.

Golden Bros is set to launch on PC and mobile in the first half of 2022.

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