Kickstarting Comics: 10 Years Of ‘Afterlife Inc.’ – Welcome To Your Life After Death, Corporate Makeover Style!

by Richard Bruton

Celebrating 10 years of publication, Jon Lock brings his Afterlife Inc. to Kickstarter as a 10th Anniversary Collection. The Kickstarter launches 17th May. It’s a great project worth your backing!


The Kickstarter for The Afterlife Inc. 10th Anniversary Collection launches 17th May. It’s going to have the entirety of Jon Lock’s wonderfully quirky series as two luxury A4 hardbacks: The Book of Life and The Book of Death. That’s a collection of six volumes and a big, big 800+ pages of content. But best of all – it’s all excellent reading!

In Afterlife Inc., Lock and a multitude of artists take a corporate look at the world after your death, thanks to the newly-dead corporate con-artist Jack Fortune. Taking a sideways look at where he is, Jack’s quick to realise that death may well be the greatest business opportunity yet. You see, there’s been a strange and mysterious event that’s left the golden city of the dead, The Empyrean, without rulers and that’s perfect for Jack’s plans!

Afterlife Inc. is a corporate makeover like no other with Jack deciding that there’s plenty that can be done with hell – now that he’s in charge.

Or, as Lock describes it for this Kickstarter:

Afterlife Inc. is the tale of con-artist Jack Fortune, who dies, discovers an afterlife in chaos, and decides to take over and run it like a business.

Lock’s been writing and publishing Afterlife Inc. since 2012 and I’ve followed his work since about 2014. Finally having this sort of big collection – and it’s BIG, over 800 pages in all – definitely gives you a huge chunk of very entertaining reading.

Written by creator Jon Lock, the series has featured the work of over 60 artists and creators across six volumes – with the sixth and latest volume to be released alongside the Book of Life/Death.

The Afterlife Inc. 10th Anniversary Collection collects the entire comic series to date as two luxury A4 hardbacks: The Book of Life (previously released in 2014, now remastered) and The Book of Death. It collects six volumes and over 800 pages of content along with plenty of special features.

The Afterlife Inc. 10th Anniversary Collection launches on Kickstarter on Tuesday 17 May, at 10am (BST). You can check it out now here and sign up for updates here.

The Book of Life and The Book of Death will each retail for £45, backers can pledge to receive each book for the exclusive, Kickstarter-only price of £40. Additionally, all backers who pledge within the first 48 hours will receive a free Afterlife Inc. commemorative coin measuring 44mm across and 3mm wide as part of their reward.

All individual volumes of Afterlife Inc. are available as add-ons for the Kickstarter-only price of £10 per book. Also included is Volume 6: The Great Gig in the Sky, which sees its physical release as part of this Kickstarter.

Alongside remastered pages from Volumes 1-6, The Book of Life and The Book of Death boast over 70 pages of special features, including exclusive galleries, behind-the-scenes content and bonus stories. Also included is the never-before-seen 10-page story The Golden Age, featuring art by Gavin Mitchell.

Art from the exclusive Golden Age 10-page story – art by Gavin Mitchell.

Afterlife Inc. 10th Anniversary Collection – The Book of Death and The Book of Life.

Written and created by Jon Lock.

Art by Ash Jackson, Nathan Ashworth, Jack Tempest, Will Tempest, Del Borovic, Roy Huteson Stewart, Sean McSorley, Jerry Gaylord, Jade Sarson, Mark Pearce, Warwick Fraser-Coombe, Grant Perkins, Jack Davies, Chailey Illman, Davide Tinto, Kariss Jones, VV Glass, Kit Palmer, James Lawrence, Eve Greenwood, Gavin Mitchell, James Stayte, Kris Wozencroft, Dean Beattie, Mark Penman, Jack Devereaux, Matt Rooke, Nikki Stu.

Colour assists by Taz Ashworth

Letters by Michael Stock, Lucy Lock, Jon Lock, Shawn Depasquale

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