‘Superman & Lois’ Delivers Its Best Yet

by Frank Martin

It’s rare to say definitively with such confidence that a show in its second season has delivered its best episode yet, but that’s what fans got with the latest episode of Superman & Lois. After a cliffhanger that left Superman missing in action from his home world, fans finally saw the cube-shaped planet Bizarro came from. With a character like this, that has had so many different interpretations over the years, it’s easy to go astray and for the writers to lose themselves in their own origin. Fortunately, the story is confident in itself and its ability to craft a mirror world to the one fans are already so familiar with.

The episode takes a unique narrative approach that was quite similar to one found in the story mode of fighting video games. It focuses on one character at a time, telling their story to catch viewers up to the present day. It’s a clever mechanism for allowing fans to see just how different this Bizarro World is from the main universe. Furthermore, it was also very interesting to see just how far the reverse nature of Bizarro World is. Almost everything is backwards right down to the driver’s side of the cars being used. It just goes to show how much effort the creators of the show have taken in order to bring this world to life.

As far as characters are concerned, in a single episode we were able to see the unique spin these relationships have had. Rather than a humble hero, Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) is a celebrity. Rather than a beacon of hope, this Man of Steel is corruptible and easily influenced by the burden of his heroism. This Bizarro is not as simple as the backwards Superman often seen in the comics. He’s much more complicated than that. And in turn, his family is shaped by it in a much different way. This episode was jam-packed, tragic, and left fans eager for more. If there’s any doubt that Superman & Lois might be the best superhero show on TV then I implore viewers to watch this episode.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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