‘The Batman’ Vs. ‘The Dark Knight’ In Terms Of Tech

by Frank Martin

Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Batman.

As far as superheroes go, Batman is a bit of an oddball. He’s a member of a Justice League filled with aliens and gods, yet he’s also a street level vigilante doing detective work and beating up thugs. Fans received a grounded, realistic take on the character with the Christopher Nolan-directed Dark Knight trilogy. Then, at the dawn of the so-called DCEU, fans saw Batman take a little bit more of a larger than life approach as he took on Superman and the forces of Apokolips. With the release of Matt Reeves‘s The Batman, the character has returned to its grounded roots. And as fans begin comparing different depictions of the Dark Knight, I can’t help but notice similarities between the two.

First off, Christian Bale and Robert Pattinson are both bringing an element of realism to Batman and villains such as Clayface and Killer Croc probably won’t be making any appearances in The Batman sequel. Bale took on other grounded foes such as the Joker and Bane. Even Ra’s Al Ghul’s immortality was handled with realism. The Batman‘s villains were also grounded. but there’s still a separation between the two takes on the character and Gotham City. This becomes apparent when Pattinson escapes police custody. He uses a realistic wing suit in order to fly through the streets of Gotham. Bale does something similar, but the explanation behind it involves sending an electric current through his cape that acts as a glider. He does it with relative ease and constantly, whereas Pattinson uses his device, a much more off-the-shelf piece of tech, as a measure of last resort.

Although both of these depictions of Batman remove a lot of the fantasy from the equation, there is still a level of science fiction that divides them. The Batman handles the character’s gadgetry with even more realism than The Dark Knight Trilogy, which has more of a sci-fi bend to things. It’s not so apparent as to completely call the film science fiction, but it’s there and proves that there will always be degrees of adaptation to even the most conservative depictions of the character.

The Batman is streaming now on HBOMax.

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