‘Seven Knights 2’ Launches New Season Game Update

by Gary Catig

Seven Knights 2 is a popular mobile RPG from Netmarble. Recently, the developer announced a new season update to the game that includes a variety of in-game content, playable heroes, events and much more.

Beginning today, the new region Moonlit Isle can be explored by players. In addition, with the season two area comes new playable heroes from the original Seven Knights: Heavenly Sword Ace and Harmonic Melody Lina. Heavenly Sword Ace (Legendary+ grade hero) is a lord of Moonlit Isle who protects his residents against any threats. He is a powerful PVP character who can unleash the Area of Effect stun skill, Pull and Invincible. Harmonic Melody Lina (Legendary grade hero) is an ex-member of Evan Expedition, now fighting for peace on Moonlit Isle along with Ace. She is an all-round healer that can cast shields, boost combat attacks, and heal party members.

The most recent update also brings improves Field Exploration. Players will have more time to explore and farm – the map used in the field is significantly reduced. A new Exploration Field Offline Mode permits players to use Field Exploration and gather rewards, even when the app is closed.

Other in-game events and rewards include:

  • Legendary+ Heavenly Sword Ace Rate Up Event (April 27 – May 11)
  • Harmonic Melody Lina Summon Shop Rate Up Event (April 27 – May 11)
  • Ace / Lina Growth Support Event (on-going) – Players can obtain 10 Soul Stones
  • Special Check-In Event (on-going) – New users can obtain 3 legendary heroes
  • Seven Knights 2 Carnival Event (on-going) – exclusive for New and returning users, a chance to obtain a Legendary + Hero
  • Additional events to celebrate Season 2’s game update are currently underway – players can explore and discover more events in the game

Seven Knights II is available for download via Google Play and the App Store.

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