Advance Review: Slowing To Sub-Light Speed In `Star Trek: The Mirror War’ #6

by Tom Smithyman


Star Trek: The Mirror War takes an odd turn as it prepares for its conclusion. Instead of racing for that finish with new ideas, the story and even the artwork that used to excite us in past issues, is starting to feel old. Let’s hope this is nothing more than a cosmic anomaly.


The reliably entertaining Star Trek: The Mirror War inexplicitly hits the inertial dampeners in issue #6. Telling the story of the mirror universe Jen-Luc Picard and the crew of the ISS Enterprise – complete with a one-eyed Will Riker and a Deanna Troi who enjoys torturing people in the agony booth instead of talking to them about their feelings – as they struggle against the Klingon-Cardassian alliance that has nearly subjugated humanity.

While the storyline had been humming along at warp 5, including an exciting last chapter that showed the tide of the war changing in humanity’s favor, this issue covers little new ground as it slows the tale to sub-light speeds. We see a few space battles where the outcome is never in doubt. We see a little intrigue from Picard’s untrustworthy commanders. Sure, there is a stirring speech that you could absolutely imagine Patrick Stewart delivering in his dulcet tones, but beyond that, it feels like we’re going where everyone has gone before.

Even some of Gavin Smith’s artwork has become muddied, almost as if he struggled to keep up with his deadlines for this installment. Luckily, there’s no mistaking the main characters – even those who don’t play a major role in this story.

Still, there are reasons aplenty to enjoy the issue written by Scott and David Tipton. Cameos pop up, including Commander Shelby, the underhanded Cardassian Garak from Deep Space Nine and even the outrageous Okana, who appeared in an episode of The Next Generation.

With only two more issues left in this main story (there are a few associated tie-ins coming soon), let’s hope this is nothing more than the creators catching their collective breaths before a blockbuster finale. Otherwise, this mirror war could shatter, which would be a shame given the great story that’s been told to date.

Star Trek: The Mirror War #6 will be available for purchase on May 4, 2022.

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