An Interview With `Good Game, Well Played’ Writer Rachael Smith

by Tom Smithyman

The coming-of-age graphic novel Good Game, Well Played follows teenager Sienna and a group of her young coworkers as they deal with work and personal issues that will follow them for the rest of their lives. Writer Rachael Smith discusses the book’s turn-of the millennium setting at well as meaning behind the title.

Good Game, Well Played is set in both 1999 and 2009. Rachael Smith says “This story is about change and adaptation, and in 1999 it felt like we were in for a big change with the dawn of the millennium. For Sienna, however, the changes she fears are a lot closer to home.

“Chris (Sanchez), my editor, came to me with the setting (a video game shop in 90s America) and a rough idea of the age and number of the characters and I thought it was a great start and just built on that.”

On why an OGN is the best format for GGWP, Smith says “I was asked to write a comic, so I hadn’t considered it as anything else! I think it works really well in this medium, though. I like to think I’m quite good at it by now.

“(The title Good Game, Well Played) ties into the video game theme of the book. In a larger sense, it is used for contemplating a life well lived.”

On working with artist Katherine Lobo, Smith replied “I am super happy that Katherine was chosen. Her work is amazing. She’s made this book something really special.”

Good Game, Well Played is currently available for $14.99 at your local comic shops and bookstores.


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