Preview: 45 Artists Celebrate 45 Years of Thrill Power – ’45 Years Of 2000 AD’

by Richard Bruton

If it hadn’t escaped your notice by now that it’s 45 years since 2000 AD began delivering weekly shots of Thrill-Power, here’s a fabulous anniversary art book – 45 artists for 45 years!

Yes, it’s a simple concept – grab 45 quality artists and get them to interpret the characters who’ve featured in the pages of 2000 AD since 1977!

But it’s all about the variety of artists in this art book that makes it well worth a look – there’s a who’s who of talent in here.

All of it’s beautifully laid out, strip and character info along with artist bios on the left, amazing artwork on the right. And it opens up, fittingly, with SK Moore‘s tribute to 45 years, featuring Dredd creators John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra, first editor of 2000 AD, Pat Mills, and current editor, Matt Smith, along with a certain Mr Joseph Dredd…

This is one that will sit very nicely on the bookcase next to the 2000 AD Encyclopedia methinks!

Now, as for the artists involved, let’s start with some familiar names to 2000 AD and Treasury of British Comics readers, such as Kevin O’Neill, Stewart Moore, Steve White, Kyle Hotz, Chris Weston, Eduardo Ocana, Simon Coleby, VV Glass, Andrea Butzbach, DaNi, Staz Johnson, Brett Parson, Mike Perkins, Mick McMahon, Henry Flint, Dave Kendall, Vincenzo Riccardi, Kev Walker, D’Israeli, Richard Elson, Sean Phillips, and James Harren.

But even there, there’s wow moments, not just for seeing the art but for seeing artists take on characters that they’re just not associated with…

Mick MacMahon on Bad Company

Dave Kendall on Devlin Waugh

Henry Flint on Durham Red

Others, not featured in the Prog (so far) but well worth their inclusion here for their great takes on the characters include…

Sanford Green, Chun Lo, Francesca Francavilla, The Gurch, RAID71, Stathis Tsemberlidis, Phil Noto, Jenn St-Onge, Ian McQue, Annie Wu, Josh Hicks, Lando, John Allison, Jamie Smart, Mateus Manhanini, Priscilla Bampoh, Hannah Templer, Rachael Stott, Michael Allred, Langdon Foss, Colleen Doran, Bex Glendining, Mark Eastbrook, and Kelley Jones.

So, just a couple of pieces from some of those…

Sanford GreeneHarlem Heroes

Jamie SmartDR & Quinch

LandoFink Angel

I wish I could show you more – there’s so many beautiful pieces in here – but then I’d have Tharg hunting me down and that’s not something anyone would want!

45 Years of 2000 AD, The Anniversary Art Book is out from 2000 AD/ Rebellion on 26th May.

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