Review: ‘Transformers Beast Wars’ #15 Goes Ancient

by Benjamin Hall


In the midst of the war between the Maximals and Predacons a third front, The Vok, comes to the fore. Megatron and Optimus Primal don’t see eye to eye. However, in order to survive the threat of the Vok a truce has to happen. Yet, how long will a truce hold with Megatron’s arrogant and duplicitous nature in play?


The design of cover A by artist John Jennings resembles that of ancient cave paintings. Though it still has modern sensibilities present in the characterization and proportions. Not to mention the range of colors is presumably wider than that of ancient cave paintings. This cover should definitely standout to most potential buyers. Due to the style being so unique it may not be effective when it comes to getting a lot of actual buyers.

Transformers Beast Wars #15 (2022) cover B art by Andy Duggan

Cover B and Cover RI are by artists Andy Duggan and James Marsh, respectively. Unfortunately they lack both lack the uniqueness in artistic style and design that Jennings’s cover has. Also Duggan seems to have an unusual interpretation of Waspinator’s robot form when in flight. While Marsh could arguably have a better grasp of what can, and can’t be, in an extreme close-up. Otherwise both variant covers are high quality works, at least in terms of overall execution.

Writer Erik Burnham gives certain plot points quick, but logical, resolutions. Burnham also does pretty good at the dialogue. Though this is also thanks to the work of letterers Nathan Widick and Jake Wood. These two letterers do a good job at using sizing to suggest different vocal volumes. Also one of them (possibly Widick) does a great job at enhancing some of the exposition with colors.

Artist Winston Chan provides competent work throughout this issue. However, there are various lines that look shaky due to rushing. Not to mention several panels lack actual backgrounds. These panels therefore are reliant on whatever hue colorist Ellie Wright chooses to use. Wright does a job that is mostly up to the mark. Yet, there are certain colors and shades that are debatable, especially the one that seem to the majority of pages. Yet, coloring is an extensive process, and Wright’s deadline may have been shorter than usual.

Transformers Beast Wars #15 is out now from IDW Publishing.

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