Pull List Previews: Popular Previews From The Past Week’s New Releases

by Olly MacNamee

Each and every Saturday we offer up a selection of popular previews from the past week of new comic book releases as an indicator of what may be hot comics this week you may want to check out on any trip to your local comic book store you may be taking this weekend.

  1. Given I tend to post most DC Comics and Marvel previews over the weekend, I don’t think it takes a genius to work out why each week this list is dominated by the Big Two. And this week it’s no different. So, let’s start with marvel and the popular preview for Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War #1 here.
  2. The rest of the list is a DC Comics dominated one. We had Flashpoint Beyond #1 here.
  3. We also shared a preview for Batman: Killing Time #3 here.
  4. And, we also had Batman #123 here.
  5. And finally, in a very Batman heavy list, we also a break from the Dark Knight with a preview for World of Krypton #6 here.

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