Zatanna And The Dark Knight Have A Major Falling Out In ‘Batman: Urban Legends’ #15 Preview

by Olly MacNamee

Writers: Vita Ayala, Joey Esposito, Che Grayson, Mark Russell
Artists: Nikola Cizmesija, Jason Howard, Serg Acuna, Karl Mostert
Colours: Nick Filardi, Howard, Ivan Plascencia, Trish Mulvihill
Letters: Steve Wands, Pat Brosseau, Josh Reed

“Zatanna has to save Batman’s soul!

Ace the Bat-Hound must confront the source of his trauma…The Joker!

Meanwhile, the night of Batman’s auction is finally here! Katana doesn’t buy what Lady Shiva is selling for a second about the new Birds of Prey, and she’s going to let her know personally. Batman has to team up with Plastic Man to save a criminal from having his life taken by the Penguin and KGBeast!”

Batman: Urban Legends #15 is out Tuesday 10th May from DC Comics

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