Review: ‘Frontiersman Lock-Up Special’ Has A Debatable Back-Up

by Benjamin Hall


Frontiersman did things in his main series. Now the aftermath of his actions is coming to court. Yet, before that happens an old colleague with questionable views comes calling. Leading to the question of what Frontiersman will do next?


Writer Patrick Kindlon greatly expands the trouble the main character faces after the events of the main series. Kindlon also does a solid job of making this issue feel like a one-shot that does not require other comics. When it comes to character actions there is logic to every single one. Not to mention that there is a nice amount of food for thought in the discussions between characters. However, there are a few plot points that are predictable. Kindlon also provides a solid script for the short back-up story.

Frontiersman Lock-Up Special (2022) cover art by artist Maurizio Rosenzweig.

When it comes to the main story’s visuals both artist Nicolò Assirelli and colorist Eva de la Cruz do great work. Assirelli keeps the characters consistently on model with solid line work. Not to mention Assirelli does some great work on sequencing certain action scenes in relatively minimalistic detail. While Eva de la Cruz provides a palette that correctly displays various skin tones. Also there is the fact that the colors enhance certain effects that certain characters cause.

Unfortunately artist Gioele Filippo and colorist Patrizia Comino do a less than satisfactory job with the back-up story’s visuals. With the main problems being Filippo going too minimalistic, and Comino using some colors that somewhat clash with a character. There are also select pages where Filippo sequences things in ways are debatable. This is due to how the timing is appropriate in a real world sense, but not so much when it comes to sequential art. Despite these problematic elements the respective works of Filippo and Comino are at the least decent.

Letterer Jim Campbell does an excellent job on both stories. Campbell takes the chance to use colors and styles of word balloons that enhance the text while also playing into the visuals.

The wraparound cover is by artist Maurizio Rosenzweig. It is relatively high quality. However, the powder blue jumpsuits somewhat clash with the background, as well as displays of certain powers. Also one background character’s face looks very irregular. Yet, this face’s irregularity does create some more texture and depth on this cover.

Frontiersman Lock-Up Special (2022) is out now from Image Comics.

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