Review: The Doom Of All Doom’s Menacingly Monologues His Way Through ‘Avengers Forever’ #5

by Olly MacNamee


The Doom of all Dooms takes centre stage in ‘Avengers Forever’ #5 as he waxes lyrical like the best megalomaniacs about his plans for… well, multi-universal domination. Jason Aaron continues to go large on this title with high concepts and high stakes. And, putting a good deal of fun back into comics while he’s at it.


Avengers Forever #5 takes us into the mind and machinations of the Doom of all Dooms in what is essentially an issue-long dramatic monologue. But, that isn’t to say it isn’t an enjoyable read. Not one bit of it. After all, Jason Aaron is seasoned writer and he know exactly what he is doing delivering an issue that breaks with the normal programming to hand in an issue with a different perspective. It all helps built on the growing threat Doom and his Multiversal Masters of Evil represent and goes the readers a moment to peek behind the curtain and get a lowdown on Doom’s real plans for the multiverse. As you’d expect, they ain’t pretty.

We open up with Doom and his colleagues laying waste to a prehistorical planet guarded by Man-Things. Even amongst fellow masters or evil Doom stands apart. Partly because of his sheer genius but also because of his raging ego too. But, unbeknownst to the rest Doom has taken this planet’s Doctor Doom for himself. A Man-Thing Doom who isn’t willing to play ball and so gives Doom the change to speak at length about his plans. It’s a mother great over-the-top concept that Aaron has thrown into his mammoth run on The Avengers and continues here. Bubblegum blockbuster comics at their best. And while it is a break with the norm, it’s an appropriately hyperbolic intermission in keeping with the tone of this book and The Avengers. 

As well as the heroes of the multiverse getting a break this issue so too does regular artist Aaron Kuder. But, guest artist Jim Towe is a great replacement. Almost Ed McGuinness-like in his artwork. A blend of well presented and dynamic page layouts with a smoothness about his artwork that adds a polish not too dissimilar to the aforementioned McGuinness. This is an issue told across some rather large-scale panels with a good deal of dialogue to take in too, all brilliantly laid out by letterer Cory Petit. And a suitably bold last page too, suggesting even bigger, brasher plans for this series going forward.

Avengers Forever #5 is out now from Marvel

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